The Weimaraner is a breed which was used at first for hunting. A Weimaraner can be loyal and can give love to his family. The Weimaraner has an elegant structure and athletic appearance. At the beginning their tails were docked to a third of its natural length at birth and dewclaws were removed but nowadays those dogs are shown with their natural tails.

         The coat of this breed is short, hard, and smooth at touch , and the eyes may be light amber, grey, or blue- grey. The coat may range from charcoal- blue to mouse – grey to silver- grey. The size of the males is between 63 to 68 cm while the females have between 58 to 63 cm. This breed does not heavy much according to their large structure. A Weimaraner carries its weight proudly and gives the appearance of a muscular, athletic dog.

         A Weimaraner can live in a apartment if is well trained because they have to consume their energy in this way. These dogs are not sociable towards strangers, but they can be loyal and give a lot of affection to their family.

         The also can give protection to their family and can be very territorial. They are highly intelligent, sensitive and problem- solving animals. This breed is known for having a penchant for stealing food from table and counter tops whenever given the chance.

         The owners should know that if the dogs do not consume their energy in a positive way, they will consume their energy by chewing house quarters and furniture. Sometimes this breed tolerates cats, as long as they are introduced to the cats as puppies.

         Another thing the owner must know is that these dogs insist on sleeping as close to them as possible. It is not uncommon to find the dog sleeping on the owner`s bed.

         Some Weimaraners suffer from severe separation anxiety. Manifestations of this behavior disorder include panicked efforts to rejoin the owner when separation occurs, excessive drooling, destructive behaviors, and associated injuries such as broken teeth or cut lips.

         The most common health issues the Weimaraners may suffer from are: elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, pituitary dwarfism, renal dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and so on.

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