Shar – Pei Dog

         The Shar –Pei is a dog which comes from China. The name of Shar- Pei means sand skin and refers to the texture of its short, rough coat. You can observe that all the puppies have many wrinkles, but when they get mature, these disappear.

         What is very curious at this breed is their tail structure. The tail is carried over their backs on either side exposing the anus. The first tail set is a tightly curled tail, the second is the loose curl and the third is carried in an arch aver the back.

         Having small, triangular ears , a muzzle well shaped ,black mouth pigment, deep-set eyes , rising top line and a high- set tail make the Shar- Pei be a unique and splendid breed . The colors are different from fawn, red, sand to cream, black, lilac and even blue. They have the tongue colored in blue- black which make them fit to Chow Chow. Their nose can be black or brick, having or not having a black mask.

         Moreover, this breed has three different coat types named horse, brush and bear coat. The first one is rough when touching, very prickly and off- standing. The bear coat is fairly prickly, can be rough or irritating when you fondle in the opposite direction of the fur.

         Furthermore, these Chinese dogs called Shar- Pei are not only splendid but also very intelligent and curious dogs and can be recognized for its wrinkles which make them to be a unique breed. At the beginning the dogs were used for fighting but today they are trained and they are capable of being obedient, agile and can be used, too on the farm. All Shar- Pei need to be training and early socialization with children, strangers and other animals. They can be stubborn, strong willed and very territorial. They are active and are often more content to laze around the house.

         Last but not least their the temperament of all Shar- Pei is often suspicious of strangers. This breed has very much love to give and is devoted to the family. They are very independent and reserved , loyal and endearing.

         Even if you are single or your family has a very large number of members, you can choose a Shar- Pei because this breed gives you affection, love and can protect you from the strangers. All Shar- Pei are independent and when you are walking on the street with it, everybody will admire this breed.

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