Scottish Collie Dog

         No matter the breed that were are talking about, when it comes to standards it is commonly excepted that it depends on what the registry is interested in: whether on a dog to perform its job in an excellent manner, or on a dog whose appearance its idealistic. When talking about the Scottish Collie, it has been mainly treated as a show dog after its many appearances in different shows. After this sudden rise of popularity, it has been mainly been kept as a ring dog.

         The color of the coat at this breed comes in four distinct manners: sable, tricolor, blue merle and even white collies. Sable collies are the easiest to recognize as they resemble to Lassie which you have seen at least once on television. The sable color can vary from a light blonde to a radish – brown. The tricolor ones are mainly black and white but with tan markings. Then, the blue merle collies are the black – and – white dogs and, the last but not least, the white collies are mainly white on the body but with a touch of color which can be any of the previous and which can be seen on their head.

         The Scottish Collie is usually a healthy breed, but as well as other breeds it suffers from some specific diseases. So, this dog can be prone to PRA – progressive retinal atrophy, gastric torsion, dermatomyositis, collie nose (discoid lupus erythematosus) and demodicosis. Other diseases that may occur but which are less seen are seizures, canine hip dysplasia, microphthalmia and even cyclic neutropenia. But despite of all these diseases a Scottish Collie can live up to 14 years.

         When talking about the temperament of this breed, they are generally known as sweet and protective. The specialists say even that they are easy to train, due to their high level of intelligence and because they are eager to please you. Although sometimes you might find it a little clingy, this comes from their overdeveloped sense of loyalty. All in all, they are most of all herding dogs and they are perfect for the championship of a family or even other dogs. The Scottish Dogs are extremely playful, gentle and perfect for a family with children. If you want to buy one and you do not have plenty of space you should know that this breed has easily adapted to living in apartments, even though they need daily exercise.

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