Dogs are the perfect companions – they are loyal, friendly and, more often than not, they are more dependable than humans. This is why, if you want to make the perfect gift for your mom, a dog such as the majestic Samoyed is the perfect choice. Although you can make many gifts for mom online, a dog is a more uncommon option and she’ll definitely love the gesture. When they are small, these dogs are simply adorable and when they grow are, they’re true life companions.

The Samoyed dog has his origins in Siberia. These dogs are very active and energetic and must be trained because otherwise they become bored or depressed, which can lead to excessive barking, destruction, weight gain, irritability, and escape artist behavior. The average lifespan is between 12 to 16 years.

The Samoyed dogs are prone to healthy issues. The males have between 20 to 32 kg and 54 to 60 cm while the females 17 to 25 kg and 50 to 56 cm. The eyes of this breed are black or brown and have an almond shape. The ears are thick and covered with fur, triangular in shape and erect; they are usually white. The tail is carried curled over their backs.

The coat of the Samoyeds is dense. The topcoat consists of long, coarse and straight guard hairs, which give the impression of white but have a hint of silver coloring while the under layer consists of a dense, soft and short fur which keeps the dog warm. An important thing which can not be forgotten about the Samoyeds` coat is that it must not be shaved except for medical reasons, as the coat acts as an insulator against cold and hot weather and protects the dog`s light colored skin from burning in the sun.

Samoyeds are friendly dogs which can offer affection and love. They can be a good companion as they are intelligent and active dogs. Because they are an active breed, these dogs must consume their energy because otherwise they become bored or depressed and they start to dig or to bark. They will instinctively act as herd dogs, and when playing with children, will usually attempt to turn and move them in a different direction.

Like all other breeds ,the Samoyeds have issue problems, too. The most common disease a Samoyed may suffer from are genetic disease or renal disease. Hip dysplasia is also a concern for this breed as are eye issues such as cataracts and glaucoma. The lifespan of this breed is between 12 to 15 years.

Another very important thing which can not be forgotten about the Samoyeds` care is that their coat should be dried cool, forced air as water can be trapped in the very thick undercoat, has difficulty evaporating and may remain in the fur for a long time. Last but not least, to keep the Samoyed`s coat gleaming, dedicated grooming and a healthy diet must not be overlooked.

Samoyed dogs are no regular gifts for mom online, so when you buy them, make sure the seller is authorized.

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