Miniature Pinscher

         The Miniature Pinscher is a beautiful breed of dog which has his origins in Germany. The name of the dog refers to the ears of this breed which used to be cropped or pinched. The dogs which belong to this breed have very long legs and small body, which can make you laugh at the first sight. This breed measures only between 10 to 12.5 inches at the withers.

         The coat of this breed is short and smooth at touch, with colors, harmonized to most breed standards, of red, stag- red, and black or chocolate with tan or rust markings, increased with the blue and fawn. The Miniature Pinscher often has a docked tail and the owners frequently crop their ears.

         The Miniature pinscher is an energetic dog and friendly that thrives on owner interaction. This breed is a loyal one and must be socialized in order to be integrated into families, and get along moderately with other animals or with children. The dogs must be socialized when they are puppies because in this way they can co-exist and interact with other dogs as adults. This breed is very harmless in the family, is showing affection but distrustful of strangers. This protective instinct will manifest as nonstop barking and challenging postures.

         Being an energetic breed, these dogs will need exercises every day. Daily walks are not enough so the owners must practice exercises or they can take him to a dog parks. This breed is not a perfect choice for homes because they have too much energy, the bark and if you do not have enough time to practice with the dog, there will the a serious problem. So, if you still want this breed in an apartment , you should know that a daily 45 minutes plus exercise regiment is a must in order to have this dog.

         When playing with a child, the dog can be easily injured. This breed has a very dry skin and because of it, they have issues; to moderate these issues, the dog must be washed no more than 3 or 4 times a year. During off periods a wipe down with a dampened towel should be used. When they are taking for a walk on a cold weather, they must be protected as they don`t have any protection against cold weather. This rule must be applied to hot weather, as well. This breed is also prone to obesity, so the owner must be careful with the amount of food he will give to the dog.

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