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         The Kuvasz is a dog which has its origins in Hungary. At the beginning these dogs were used to guard, but lately these dogs are used as pets. The Kuvasz is a large dog which has a dense coat and is usually colored in white and can range from wavy to straight in texture. The skin pigmentation of this breed is dark, the nose is black and the eyes have an almond shape. Females have between 35 to 50 kg while males between 50 to 70 kg, which makes this breed look very powerful. The head is long with the eyes set slightly below the plane of the muzzle.

         When being a puppy, the dog looks exactly like ball with hair which makes it be a very cute “toy”. The Kuvasz has a light colored coat, medium hair and has a large stature. The Kuvasz is a very intelligent dog, very loyal to those who are very close to them. These dogs appreciate attention but can also be aloof or independent, particularly with strangers. These dogs which have their origins as a livestock guardian must be trained. They can protect their families because of their power and stature. A Kuvasz can be courageous, disciplined and stable, while hyperactivity, nervousness and shyness are to be faulted.

         This combination of intelligence, independence and protectiveness make obedience training and socialization necessities. They are not recommended for novices and those who do not have enough time to train and socialize them properly. The Kuvasz needs very close connection to his owner. Last but not least the owner must know if barking will be a problem at the home.

         A Kuvasz must to be brushed every two or three days because of its dense coat. To remove stubborn knots, is suggested to use a curry comb. Being a healthy breed which have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years , the Kuvasz are prone to developmental bone problems. For removing this problem, the dog must be well nutrition which assure him the necessary dose of calcium he needs every day.

         The hip dysplasia, a painful and potentially debilitating condition, is not uncommon to many large breeds. The nutrition should consist in calories and protein. Cooked bones should not be given to this breed because can cause serious injury to the dog`s mouth and digestive tract.

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