The Komondor is a large white colored Hungarian breed which has a long corded coat. This breed is a powerful one which has a natural guardian instinct. In Hungary, this breed is preserved and protected from modification.

         The Komondor is a large dog which has the body covered by a heavy, matted ,corded coat. Their bodies are robust, the muscles are strong and the legs are long. The lips and the nose of this breed is always black. The height of this breed depends, the females may have between 65cm to 70cm while the males may have between 70 cm to 80 cm. Another very important aspect is the height of this breed; the females may have between 40 kilos to 50 kilos while the males may have between 50 kilos to 60 kilos.

         The coat of the Komondor is long, thick, strikingly corded white one, which have about 20 to 27 cm long which resembles dreadlocks or a mop. When these dogs are puppies their cote is soft at touching while when they become adults their coat tends to curl. The temperament of this breed is like that of most livestock guarding dogs: it is calm when things are normal but it can be as well very defender. The Komondor is very affectionate with its family and gentle with the children. Moreover, this breed may live together with other family pets but is very intolerant to trespassers and teasing, and definitely is not a good breed for city life. This breed is very active at night, moving, patrolling places while in the daytime it will rest. People who are not familiar with this breed are frequently surprised by how quick and agile these dogs are.

         Like all other dogs, this breed must be trained, too. Their dressage must start from a young age such as 4 to 8 months. A dog can become obstinate when bores, so it is imperative that training sessions be upbeat at happy. Another very important thing which can`t be forgotten is socialization. If you give a proper environment and care, the dog is a responsible and loving one. They are calm, devoted and they can offer you love, unconditionally.

         This breed may suffer from cataract , bloat can be removed by not feeding the dog soon before or after practicing exercises. Another problem may be the external parasites due to the heavy coat of this breed. To control this situation, a skin check should be part of a regular grooming routine.

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