Boxer is a breed of medium size and short hair which developed in Germany. The coat of this breed is smooth at touch and fawn or brindled. Boxers have short skulls, square muzzle, very strong jaws and they can bite very hard because of their power.

Boxers can be fawn or brindle , with or without white markings, which when unrestrained are conventionally named white Boxer. Fawn signifies a range of color, the tones of which can be distinguished variously as light tan or yellow, reddish tan, mahogany or stag and dark honey- blonde while brindle refers to a dog with black stripes on a fawn background. It also exists white boxers which have more than one- third of their coat covered with white markings. White Boxers have a higher risk of sunburn and associated skin cancers than colored Boxers this thing happening at human as well.

This breed is very harmless in the family, is showing affection but distrustful of strangers. The Boxers are very bright and friendly of temperament at play but brave and determined when aroused. The intelligence of the dog and willing tractability make him an extremely desirable family dog and perky companion. Even if it exists a child in the family, the dog will be very careful with them and playful. It is an active breed , energetic and which can be very easy trained. Moreover, this breed is not aggressive or vicious but like any other dogs needs socialization. It is relatively easy to train and it is one of the best dog breeds for children. The boxer’s agility and playfulness make it a great playing companion but it is also very protective of its masters.

As a very active dog, the Boxer requires regular physical activity. A long run or a short jog is usually enough to consume the Boxer daily energy. However, if you feel that your Boxer is to active, which is not uncommon, and you can’t keep up with it, consider investing in one of theĀ top dog weight vests. By using a weighted vest, the dog will consume more energy, while doing less exercise, which allows you to keep up with them. A weighted vest can also be great for building muscle mass, which is ideal if you plan on taking your Boxer to various competitions. Investing in one of the top dog weight vests can also help if your dog gets anxious in different social situations, or if he sometimes gets aggressive (this often happens if the dog is not properly exercised and has a lot of buildup energy).

Like any other dogs, the boxer breed has numerous health issues such as: cancer, heart conditions such as Aortic Steno sis and Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, and degenerative myelopathy and epilepsy, gastric dilatation and torsion, intestinal problems and last but not least allergies. The first cause why the dogs die is cancer, followed by old age, cardiac problems and gastrointestinal issues. Fortunately it exists some steps which must be followed as the breed to have a longer life: the owner of the dog must practice proper exercises every day. The average lifespan of the Boxers is between 10 to 13 years.

Unlike other dog breeds, the boxer is not very pretentious but you have to be a little responsible in order to make sure that it is healthy. Pay attention to his meals and unless you have a yard where he can run freely, you should take him out for regular walks and exercise routines.

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