Scottish Fold Cat

         One step further along the path of exotic, breath-taking felines we stumble upon a fluffy adorable fellow : The Scottish Fold. These guys have an unexpected distinctive feature, their ears are folded giving them the look of an odd sweet puffy creature whose ears have maybe vanished. Many say that the round, big head with huge amber or yellow eyes resembles an owl. If you ever get the chance of owning such a rare pet you will find it is nothing like an owl….except maybe its strange look.

         The Scottish Fold has been first mentioned in the 1960’s when a man named William Ross came across some strange kittens in Scotland. He took one of the youngsters and continued breeding Susie (the first famous Scottish Fold) obtaining other folded ears cats. The particularity of the breed is due to a natural mutation caused by an incompletely dominant gene which causes the straight ears of the kittens to fold at about 3-4 weeks old.

         The round aspect of the kitty is contributed to by the round head with distanced large eyes and the short neck which connects the head to a medium sized body. The coat can be either short or long, creating thus particular lines among the breed which are known unde various names. The colors and their combinations as well as patterns accepted are virtually infinite. The Scottish Fold’s coat is very thick and soft. However the short hair individuals are said to shed little hair. The males are significantly larger than females. They weigh somewhere around 9-13 pounds, while females vary between 6to 8 pounds.

         Everything about The Scottish Fold will charm you and make you want it as your pet. Unfortunately the large request caused by the unusual and sweet appearance of this fur ball cannot be met by the offer. The Scottish Fold is not a very easy to get breed although its needs are not at all exaggerate and anyone with large affection resources can make it feel happy and at home.

         This cat is not noisy, and its voice is soft anyhow. It will be extremely loving with all your family members but it will display quite a bit of shyness when stranger are around. It is a good companion for children as it is not aggressive and it will get along perfectly with other pets you might have around the house.

         The Scottish Fold is a breed which has not been recognized by all animal associations as the breeding between two folded ears animals will most probably cause other serious and painful mutations. Therefore the British and European associations repeatedly refused to accept the breed as an official one.

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