Ragdoll Cats

         If you are the type of person who thinks that cats were designed for indoors living and their existence should be all about making their owners feel loved and amused I have got just the right cat for you. Its name is the Ragdoll and it gathers all the above mentioned qualities plus a lucky bonus: its looks.

         The Ragdoll was created exclusively from stray cats and the breeder kept pursuing the growth of this type of cat not only for its silky not matted coat, but for its sweet and gentle personality. Ragdolls are indoor cats. They have absolutely no survival instinct for outdoors living. These cats are so calm and non aggressive that they have no idea how to defend themselves. In spite of their massive body and imposing stature they are total sweethearts.

         Ragdolls get along with children and other pets and are social creatures. They are crazy in love and supremely loyal to their owners. They will follow you around the house from room to room. They will watch you8 doing your chores and lend a helping paw. They want to be involved in everything you do because they are just crazy for you. Ragdoll kitties will act as if limp when you grab them, opposing no resistance. This is where the name comes from….the act like a rag doll. They are relaxed and lied back to the point that some people believed they are immune to pain.

         These giant sugar kitties have a large constitution. Males are liable to reach twenty pounds at maturity, while females can grow up to 15 pounds. The muscular and bony bodies display symmetry and grace and are covered with a semi long hair. Ragdolls have wonderfully blue eyes and semi-wide ears. The chins are always white and they have wedged heads. They come in three color varieties:
Mitted: a pointed exemplar with white abdomen and paws (or boots)
Pointed: displaying a darker color in their extremities
Bicolor: any combination including the following: white legs, abdomen and inverted V on the nose.

         These fellows love water and they might follow you around in the shower to play or splash around. They also like to play on the ground more than other cats instead of climbing on high furniture and jumping around from up high. These cats should never be left out if you are not there to supervise and take care of them. Ragdolls are what you call a lap cat. They are extremely trusting and friendly. When you are gone they’ll be waiting for you in front of the door. You’ll find them and see how happy they are to see you again. They will come when you call them and if you spoil and pet them they’ll go in “feet up” mode, displaying their bellies, which is a sign of complete abandonment on the part of any cat. They like to fetch things you throw and will have a dog like behavior in that they are as loyal and happy to be by your side.Wherever you are they’ll make all they can to be…either in your lap or at your feet. They totally depend on you and will absolutely charm you because they give everything.

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