Chartreux Cats

One of the oldest European breeds, The Chartreux is said to be around since the 1500’s or even earlier times. Its name bears much controversy. It had been said to be named after the French monks who allegedly bred the Chartreux for its mouse catching abilities. However, the monastery has denied having anything to do with this cat’s breeding and existence. Therefore the explanation of their name could be found in one of their morphological features: the quality of their fur. Chartreux have a thick and dense underlying coat resembling the touch of wool and bearing impermeable properties. This could explain how they became known by the name of a Spanish wool type.

These cats are known in the folk culture of France as the most redoubtable mice catchers. Their appearance is one of great sweetness, though. Their almost round head has big copper eyes and medium sized ears. The neck is short and strong linking the head to a compact and robust body. The feet seem rather fragile compared to the robustness of the body. Muscles are well developed giving the Chartreux strength and great abilities for mouse catching.

Chartreux are calm and sweet natured creatures. Their movements breath self confidence and might. These fellows will make great pets for people who already have another pet, as they adapt very quickly and get along perfectly with other animals. The members of this breed will play heartily for short periods of time and then go to take a sound cat nap which may go on uninterrupted for half a day if you don’t prompt them to play. They are medium active cats and their relaxed attitude recommends them to families with young children. They will not attack or display unpredictable behavior. In spite of loving all of the family members this cat will tend to attach more to a single person to whom it will dedicate its entire loyalty and trust.

Your regular Chartreux should under no circumstances have patterns, spots or a different coat color apart from Blue. The eyes’ color may vary between yellow and copper, the latter being preferred by dedicated breeders. Maintenance for this cat will not be expensive or tiresome. All you need to do is pass your hands through its coat and when in the shedding seasons comb its coat once or twice a week. Bathing is not necessary unless recommended by a doctor or before a show.

The males of the Chartreux are large, their weight ranging between ten and fourteen pounds, while the females are medium and can vary on a scale from six to nine pounds. These cats are independent and smart. They will enjoy playing games like “fetch” or opening doors. If left outside they will be perfectly able to take care of themselves and hunt to feed. The soft voice of a Chartreux is directly proportionate with its imposing stature. It is not a vocal cat and will not bug you with its meowing like other breeds.

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