British Shorthair Cat

         Remember Alice in Wonderland? Well, you might not know the story at all but I’m sure everyone has heard at least one time, until now, of the Cheshire cat, Carroll’s famous creation. The cute legendary character seems to have been inspired by the breed that gives this article’s title: the British Shorthair Cat.

         British Shorthairs are no news on the cat scene. They have been around for well over two millenniums and their history has been a turbulent one. Brought to the United Kingdom when its shape was still in mold, by the Roman invaders, this cat was put to a very good use. It was a redoubtable mouse catcher and the advanced, civilized Romans needed to keep their grains safe from pests. These were good times for the British Shorthair, as they were also used as companions and valued for their use. Later times will prove less favorable to these puffy creatures. With the rise of Christianity and its Witch hunt paranoia cats were often gathered and slaughtered as they were held to be the Devil’s messengers. This stupid and violent episode was to be repeated, in the form of a much bigger worldwide catastrophe, during the first World War The cut in the British Shorthair population was so dramatic that they had to be bred with Persians, Russian Blue or Chartreux to re-establish the breed.

         When it comes to describing the British Shorthair it is all about round shapes and sweetness. The head is round, with well rounded cheeks, a powerful chin and medium sized ears which go with the round shape of the head. The body is robust and well anchored on two short strong feet which end in round wide paws. The neck is short and powerful. The British Shorthair looks like a living and walking teddy-bear who will occasionally purr. ?It is simply irresistible due to its thick and rich coat that has a plush feel to it. The traditional fur color is blue, but breeding with stray cats have created a generous gallery of patterns, colors and combinations that include over thirty internationally accepted possibilities.

         British Shorthairs are known to be intelligent and low maintenance cats. They’ll need some combing at least once a week to get rid of the falling hair, but aside that, these cats are said to be capable of taking care of their coat themselves. Eyes are huge and round with copper color, usually. This kitty will not bore you with its noise or attention seeking. It is a discrete presence in your family and it will enjoy being by your side most of the time. However these cats feel the need to have time alone and they are perfect choices for those who can’t be home all of the time. British Shorthairs are very calm cats and they will get along well with children although they will tend to be more attached to the people who are able to respect its habits and space. A medium active cat, it will spend most of its time snoozing quietly while you are away, especially as it gets older. Maturing takes approximately four years with these fellows, but they will be adorable regardless age. Males are much bigger than females and the breed has medium to large members altogether. Prices vary according to the pet’s quality but this is not an easy to find breed, nor a cheap one.

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