Abyssinian Cats

         If you have ever seen the ancient Egyptian stone paintings you will definitely be shocked when you first see an Abyssinian: this cat’s resemblance with the Egyptian praised cats is striking. A wedged head with big almond eyes and a pair of imposing ears make up the modern cat’s profile. What completes the wilderness which it inspires is the thick, short, particular colored coat as well as a small turf of hair between and sometimes at the top of the ears. The cat’s facial traits are sometimes underlined by darker or black thin lines which adds to their elegance and dramatic looks.

         The Abyssinian is one of the oldest cat breeds. Its existence has been reportedly detected as early as 4000 B.C. The scientists suspect that these felines are the same breed with the ones depicted in the Pharaohs’ Pyramid paintings and that they had been buried there too, as they were considered a sacred animal. Their name is believed to have been borrowed from the country they were imported from, which at that time (late XIXth century) was Abyssinia (currently Ethiopia). The war having ended the English brought back to the United Kingdom this exotic looking mammal. It was exported to the States at the dawn of the XXth century but it would be another thirty years until the breed would start competing in cat contests being organized by official associations.

         The physical appearance of the Abyssinian is that of a slender and gracious creature. It has long lean muscles which, in spite of the cat’s elegant look, are strong and well developed. The Abyssinian cat is the catwalk star of the feline world. The thick , shiny, perfectly tight coat contributes to the overall athletic pose. And this kitty really has a few moves up its sleeve. If you want a nice cuddly lap cat you can just forget about the Aby. This guy’s looks aren’t just a wrapping. It swarms with energy and it will be relentless. The males are larger than females and the weight varies between 4 and 6 pounds.

         The Abys are extremely intelligent and will seek human companionship all the time. They are not clingy but they do not take well to being left alone or not being paid attention to. They are great height lovers and will constantly surprise you with their ability to climb up the furniture, lamp, fridge or whatever heights in their reach. These elegant creatures hate being confined to small places and being deprived of their freedom as much as they hate being left alone or uncared for. They will make great family pets and will display amazing loyalty as long as you treat them fair. Their needs are not at all burdening. They’ll eat whatever you’re having as well as any quality cat food you provide. They may be water lovers and are said to quickly train you to play a number of their favorite games. This is an extremely active cat, you will only see it lying when it is sleeping. All day long it just begs to be a part of your activity.. it wants to lend a helping paw because it loves to be involved in everything you do. It is its personal way of saying that you mean the world and that you will never be left alone as long as you have an Aby as a pet. Fortunately, if lovingly taken care of these kitties will live past their fifteenth year.

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