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American Shorthair Cat

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         Brought on board of the Mayflower by the first settlers, the American Shorthair was a useful enemy of the pests damaging food resources. It thrived on catching mice and developed as a breed, being one of the first acknowledged breeds at the dawn of the twentieth century. The American Shorthair was later bred with […]


Russian Blue Cat

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         Another member of the “blue” family, the Russian Blue is a rare breed and its birth is the subject of much speculation. One of the legends says that soldiers had these cats on their backs with their claws scratching them to blood when departing in battles. Others say the Russian Blue was the Tsar’s […]



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         The Ocicat is one of the most spectacular cat breeds you will ever come across. The peculiar wild look of this kitty’s coat will pleasantly surprise you, as well as its elegant and imposing posture. If you are a fan of big cats and have secretly yearned for a fierce feline as your personal […]


Ragdoll Cats

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         If you are the type of person who thinks that cats were designed for indoors living and their existence should be all about making their owners feel loved and amused I have got just the right cat for you. Its name is the Ragdoll and it gathers all the above mentioned qualities plus a […]


Scottish Fold Cat

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         One step further along the path of exotic, breath-taking felines we stumble upon a fluffy adorable fellow : The Scottish Fold. These guys have an unexpected distinctive feature, their ears are folded giving them the look of an odd sweet puffy creature whose ears have maybe vanished. Many say that the round, big head […]


Bombay Cat

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         Bombay cats are creatures of high vitally and energy. They are a relatively “young” breed having been obtained from the crossing of an American Shorthair and a Burmese. The American breeder who offered the world this shiny black diamond is Nikki Horner. She started her attempts at obtaining a “parlor panther” in the late […]


Abyssinian Cats

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         If you have ever seen the ancient Egyptian stone paintings you will definitely be shocked when you first see an Abyssinian: this cat’s resemblance with the Egyptian praised cats is striking. A wedged head with big almond eyes and a pair of imposing ears make up the modern cat’s profile. What completes the wilderness […]


British Shorthair Cat

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         Remember Alice in Wonderland? Well, you might not know the story at all but I’m sure everyone has heard at least one time, until now, of the Cheshire cat, Carroll’s famous creation. The cute legendary character seems to have been inspired by the breed that gives this article’s title: the British Shorthair Cat.          […]


Chartreux Cats

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One of the oldest European breeds, The Chartreux is said to be around since the 1500’s or even earlier times. Its name bears much controversy. It had been said to be named after the French monks who allegedly bred the Chartreux for its mouse catching abilities. However, the monastery has denied having anything to do […]


Persian Cats

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      Persians are the most popular cat breed in the States and possibly the best known and loved breed altogether. The spectacular coat of this short and robust cat makes it look like a walking adorable fur ball with two huge, expressive, round eyes. Short and strong legs with round, large paws, small ears and a […]